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About CHEO

We are dedicated to increasing awareness and knowledge about complementary, integrative, holistic and natural wellness care practices in our community.

We provide a supportive network for Practitioners and Individuals interested in holistic modalities and approaches to wellness.

We host one Informational Program every month (except for July and December) at 6:30pm for a Meet & Greet with the Program beginning at 7pm featuring local Holistic/Integrative practitioners.

Our Values

We encourage everyone to become informed and participating partners with their health care providers in all aspects of their wellness.

We respect cultural, religious and spiritual diversity and value all individuals and their unique journey to wholeness.

We trust in the innate potential of the body to heal and it is our intent to work in harmony with this timeless and universal knowledge.


CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area’s purpose is offering information about natural, holistic and complementary wellness modalities.

All information provided in CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area’s annual Holistic Resource Directory, on our website, in the free e-newsletter and at monthly programs is provided as service to the public and does not constitute endorsement of any product, service or practitioner. Nor does it constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition, and is not intended to replace the patient/physician relationship or a physician’s professional judgment

Are you a Health Professional, a Holistic Practitioner or simply an advocate for achieving wellness more naturally?


President – Diane Minch
Vice President – Tonya Nichols
Treasurer – Gail McDonald
Secretary – Janet DeLaney


We invite you to JOIN this lively network of advocates discovering their natural options for wellness – at any level: from a Supporting Member to a Business or Practitioner Member.


… are the heartbeat of CHEO!

A sincere Thank You to all our volunteers for their commitment and all that they do to make possible raising awareness and knowledge about Complementary and Holistic Wellness Options in our Knoxville area communities.