Speaker Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in speaking at a CHEO event!


1. Our theme for 2018 is Living Holistically in America. We’ll be focusing on that which contributes to our ability to thrive in modern society – nurturing our health (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical), cultivating our passions, remembering to play, and loving the work we do.

2. As you plan your presentation, create it in the context of our theme and speak to a specific area of focus. If one of the CHEO Bookers has reached out to you, they’ve already asked you to speak to a specific area. (​Please select one of these topic areas on your application so we can market it appropriately and make sure we have a well-balanced plan for the year!)

3. Also, keep in mind, your presentation topic will pull more people off their couches and nightly routines when it speaks directly to a difficulty they are facing in their everyday lives. ​Remember this when titling your presentation. Consider the following 2 examples: “Emotional Freedom Technique and Stress Relief” vs “Tapping to Overcome Trauma and Release the Fear that Holds you Back” and “How to Cope at a Job you Hate” vs “Thriving at Work: Change your Story, Change your Experience.” ​Notice the difference in how these feel.

4. Our intention for your audience is that they leave your presentation with a renewed passion and sense of WOW!, and with simple things they can do to improve their lives. ​To help us market your presentation, give us an idea of what that will look like on your speaker’s application!

5. If you’re new to speaking, a 1-3 minute demo video of your speaking style will be very helpful to the selection committee. ​If you already have one, please provide the link on your application.

6. CHEO‘s role in the community is to raise awareness, not to promote a specific technique or course of action. Please keep this in mind as you prepare your presentation. ​Educate and impassion them so they naturally follow up with you to learn more!

7. We love it when our members get to participate! This is a very important part of the CHEO mindset. We know that when they feel connected and engaged, they are more likely to use what they learned to make positive changes. ​Please build some interaction into your talk (and let us know your presentation style on the form).

8. Marketing! Please, help us market you. If you are veteran speaker and have this marketing thing down, please provide us with a blurb to use in our social media and flyers (there is space on the application to do this.) If you are not, the application will guide you through a few more questions to help us get the appropriate information.

9. Marketing!! We always do our best to get the word out through social media, MeetUp, emails, flyers, and print publications. The more people that know about your program, the higher the attendance, and the more people will benefit from the experience. ​Please spread the news that you are speaking at CHEO – in whatever means you have. We want your presentation to be a standing-room only event.

10. Please send a single PDF of your presentation, including handouts to your program facilitator. They will upload the file onto the website where they may be accessed by members. This is another wonderful way to raise awareness of what you do. ​If you have a Google account, you can upload this PDF when you fill out the application.

11. Presentation length: You’ll have a little more than 45 minutes to present with 15 minutes at the end for Q and A.

12. CHEO‘s Positivity Promise:​ There’s more than one way to do everything and we celebrate them all! We appreciate your willingness to frame your presentation from a positive perspective while avoiding “us vs them” mentality.