In Loving Memory of Dee Matchett

Dee MatchettIt is with heavy hearts that the CHEO Board informs you of the passing of our dear friend, long time CHEO member and volunteer, Dee Matchett on December 21, 2021.

We will always remember the beauty of Dee’s life, her passion for Holistic Health and her special compassionate, dedicated and tireless efforts to educate and help others improve their wellness levels and decrease their risks for osteoporosis. Dee was an educator for American Bone Health and she taught ESL at Carson Neuman College. For the past 5 years Dee has been the owner of the Farragut OsteoStrong, a franchise that offers clients an Osteogenic loading program with proven benefits to reduce bone loss and Osteoporosis. Ross Ledbetter, Dee’s son has been her right hand person in assisting her with all that OsteoStrong has to offer and her daughter, Glory Ledbetter, ND, has also helped when possible.  Ross is continuing to keep OsteoStrong open to clients.

Dee and Ross have always been there when CHEO needed them.  They helped spread the word about our CHEO programs, always posting and having copies of CHEO flyers available. They helped to make our CHEO movie nights possible.  Dee served on the CHEO nominating committee for several years. She was a frequent presenter for our programs  offering topics like “Bone Appetit:  Nutrition for Your bones”, or having a booth at CHEO mini wellness fairs where she offered complimentary bone scans and great information.

When we were unable to meet during the pandemic, Dee prepared an excellent video presentation on Osteogenic Loading and optimizing Vitamin D and K2.  This allowed our members to still have opportunities to learn more about holistic health despite the lockdowns.  Dee will be greatly missed by all of us.

There are special people in our lives who never truly leave us when they are gone. If you haven’t heard this presentation, you can still benefit from Dee’s expertise and keep a part of her alive within you.

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