CHEO Has Changed…

CHEO has switched over to another directory program. The new directory is not quite so new in that it was one of the first directory programs used back in 2010 timeframe but had to abandon due to not having an export feature at the time which is crucial for maintaining and thus CHEO used other directory programs such as Club Express, a third party directory service.

You can now login via a username or email address. In most cases for the existing members that are still active, your new username is your first initial and last name. If you wished to have one you like or prefer better by all means use the ‘More Information‘ tab on the login page to make the request.

Before logging in you’ll have to use Reset Password. An email will be sent that contains a link to click on to which you can enter a preferred password. If you do not receive an email and are active still please let me know. Those that are not active will have to re-register in most cases.

Some of you may have received emails saying your account as changed… it is due to the change over. Just disregard.

Active and new listings now can things added such as a contact form and reviews which are free add-ons. At anytime during your active listing you can also make it appear first by using the Featured add-on and will show on home page. Extra categories and photos can also be added. After you login, select Manage Listings under Your Profile on the menu. While in Manage Listing you can change or edit your listing, see when it will expire, see if it is featured or not, how many views and by selecting the gear icon:

You will then see:

If any troubles please use the comments below.

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