Simple Stress and Anxiety Relief Techniques

Presented by Charles West LMT Did you know that stress can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior?  Stress that’s left unchecked can lead to many health…

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Add Your Own Events!

Just to let you know, Practitioner and Business / Organization Members can add Events when logged in! If you do not know your login information simply use the reset password…

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Membership Dues

Due to the unforeseen cancellation of our meetings due to Covid-19,  Here at CHEO we are adding 15 months to your membership renewal dates. Example – If  you were to…

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Does Massage Have Benefits for People With Diabetes?

The most common complication of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to nerves outside your spinal cord or brain. People with diabetes typically first notice symptoms such as…

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Osteogenic Loading

Breathing Video

Massage Therapy and its Benefits

by Phyllis Elgin, Licensed Massage Therapist and CHEO Practitioner

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Got Water? 4 Reasons to Drink More H2O

We all know water is good for us and that we should probably drink more of it. So why, then, do Americans find it so difficult to sip from what is arguably the fountain of youth?

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Sharing On Social Media

Video is a tad outdated as it was done over 4 years ago, however, it does show how to share pages from the CHEO website and from the Newsletters. Events…

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Spread The Word!

As always, we are grateful for your support and how you spread the word about CHEO. Below is some up-to-date information you may find useful as you invite friends, family,…

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