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Taylor Johnson - October 2018 Spotlight

 | Published on 9/30/2018
It is with gratitude for all he ever did for CHEO and love for the friend that he was that we honor Taylor Johnson, who passed away this past month.
Taylor and his wife Delores arrived in Knoxville in 2010. He was working as an Independent Consultant and she had started teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at Pellissippi State.  These careers meant they did not have any health insurance.

So, when Taylor injured his knee, they looked at the Holistic Resource Directory that they picked up at Go Nutrition and fortunately found Dr. Marco Castaneda (Dr. C)!

The directory introduced them to CHEO and so they decided to attend a session, as improving their health was a mutual interest that drew Taylor and Delores together.

He actually won the door prize that first visit, and while we cannot recall what it was, he did share with people that it was transformational. From then on, he was one of CHEO’s passionate supporters and advocates.

Taylor’s life was very busy and he traveled to South America to work with his company, Taylor Hohendahl Engineering (T.H.E. AUDIO), that produced custom high-end microphones. He worked with so many music stars over the years: Lisa Minneli (he was the sound guy in charge of her European concert series), Michael Jackson, Mac Davis, and many, many more.

His hobbies included cymatics, spatial localization and acoustics/wave propagation science, law studies in trusts and related fields as well as account science forensics. He was very passionate about his field of work and his company is one of the few remaining heritage microphone laboratories in the world; designing and building custom condenser microphones for stage, studio, radio and cinema use.

Locally, he did a lot of sound work for the Open Chord’s events. In fact, he introduced CHEO to Open Chord and went out of his way to help us with our CHEO’s Got Talent Nights (along with his son last year), helping us set up the mics and equipment, running the sound system during the event, and serving as our MC and announcer. Thanks to him, the event was always successful!

Many CHEO members recall their joy talking to him and learning about all of his travels through life. He was interested in so many areas of exploration and journeyed extensively.

CHEO was blessed with Taylor’s presence and support over the years. He is a beautiful soul and we will miss him dearly. We send our love and condolences to his wife, son and entire family.


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