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Ruth Shelton - January 2019 Spotlight
What does Ruth Shelton want CHEO to know about her?
Diane Minch - November 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 10/29/2018
From the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I taught Health and Physical Education for 30 years in the Chicago area, where I was born and raised. During my teaching career, I coached a variety of sports and after school activities including interscholastic volleyball teams, cheerleading, and intramural sports and dance clubs.
Taylor Johnson - October 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 9/30/2018
It is with gratitude for all he ever did for CHEO and love for the friend that he was that we honor Taylor Johnson, who passed away this past month.

Taylor and his wife Delores arrived in Knoxville in 2010. He was working as an Independent Consultant and she had started teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at Pellissippi State. These careers meant they did not have any health insurance.
Florence Paquet - September 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 9/1/2018
In my years of doing social work, of being passionate about holistic wellbeing personally and professionally, I know seeking treatment is exhausting, time consuming, cold, disenfranchising, expensive, and can carry a sense of personal and cultural stigma - like there’s something wrong. So, I have been passionate about finding solutions that are practical and efficient, using tools clients can learn for themselves, and techniques that are active, engaging and client lead. I’m incredibly soulful in what I do - I honor that this work is deep, vulnerable, and challenging in a way that many of us aren’t used to or may be uncomfortable with. I want everyone to know they can unleash their full and unique selves, free from mental muck - limiting beliefs, fearful and analytical concerns, all the shoulds, trauma and patterns that no longer serve.
Patrice Rennick - April 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 4/1/2018
My name is Patrice Rennick and I’ve been an RN since 1982. My husband and I moved from Michigan to Tellico Village in August 2017.

My specialty in nursing is wound and ostomy care; I still work part time with a durable medical equipment company as a consultant.
Stephen Kerr - March 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 3/1/2018
There was a need to bring Tai Chi/Qigong to people in a manner that was not only easy for them to learn and use, but was also correct. Sixteen years ago, I answered that need in Knoxville with my business Clear’s Tai Chi, offering Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong teaching. What has carried me this long and why five years from now I hope to still be doing what I am is my desire to help other people.
Molly Miketo - January 2018 Spotlight
Published on: 1/3/2018
My name is Molly Miketo, a Cleveland, Ohio native and I work with the Akashic Records in my new business InFullSight. While I have been working with the Records for about four years, I am excited to now be doing this full-time here in Knoxville. I am proudly taking this leap to start my own business because I know it is time and I know it will provide, however it may look or whatever it may require!
Ryan Teeter - December 2017 Spotlight
Published on: 12/1/2017
My name is Ryan Teeter, the very grateful owner and doctor at Summit Chiropractic out on the west side of town. I know what you’re probably thinking and no, we are not affiliated with Summit Medical Group. In fact, our care is unlike anything currently in Knoxville, but more on that later!
The Meaningful Life Center - March 2017 Spotlight
Published on: 3/2/2017
Meaningful Life Center participants explore, study, discuss and share the many facets of a meaningful life. Through interactive workshops and consider what is most important for their own lives in light of the guidance of a range of ideas from philosophy, psychology, science, art, music, literature, poetry, and the world’s wisdom traditions and practices.
CHEO 2017 - January 2017 Spotlight
Published on: 1/4/2017
This month we celebrate CHEO in our Spotlight. Most of you know you can go to our website and learn all about us and our members. You already know or will learn there our CHEO values and mission which, in a nutshell, is helping you to discover your holistic well-being possibilities.
2017 CHEO of Greater Knoxville Board - December 2016 Spotlight
Published on: 12/1/2016
We are grateful for the wonderful service and contributions of these four retiring CHEO Board Members:
Dee Matchett - November 2016 Spotlight
Published on: 11/1/2016
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dee Matchett. Osteoporosis runs four generations deep on the paternal side of my family. Both my great grandparents and my grandmother died from complications due to osteoporosis. Despite my prevention regimen of bone healthy foods, recommended supplements, weight lifting and high impact exercise, I too was diagnosed as high risk for fracture. Although my prevention regimen had delayed the onset and slowed progression of the disease, genetics were getting the upper hand.
Music is Good for the Soul! - October 2016 Spotlight
Published on: 10/5/2016
Open Chord All Things Music was created from the love of music and “All Things Music” is more than a slogan; it’s a way of life! We are a coffeehouse, pub, live stage, music school, and retail store for all your music needs.
Ward Tummins - September 2016 Spotlight
Published on: 9/1/2016
I was born in Pt Arthur Texas a good number of years ago when all kids grew up pretty much free range (left the house in the morning and came back for supper when dad got home). I grew up in Groves TX, right next to Pt Arthur, but very few people have heard of either one. It’s on the Texas coast right on the Louisiana border so the culture was more Cajun than Texan.


2019 Dates for Movie Nights
Published on: 11/4/2018
(Showings of Docu- Series)
2019 Dates for CHEO Programs at Rarity Bay
Published on: 11/4/2018
Please note that the these programs will now be on the fourth Thursday of the month with 2 exceptions as noted below
Board Member Nominees
Published on: 9/30/2018
Submit your votes today!
Voting Ballot 2019
Published on: 9/30/2018
Please vote for the nominees of the 2019 CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area Board of Directors and the 2019 Nominating Committee.


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