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The Meaningful Life Center

…is a special place in Knoxville, TN welcoming anyone interested in exploring and discovering a personal and unique path to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Our workshops and activities are designed to support each person’s journey toward that goal. Please come in and explore.

Finding Your Own Way

Meaningful Life Center participants explore, study, discuss and share the many facets of a meaningful life. Through interactive workshops and consider what is most important for their own lives in light of the guidance of a range of ideas from philosophy, psychology, science, art, music, literature, poetry, and the world’s wisdom traditions and practices.

By providing resources, encouragement, and support, our Center helps participants know themselves well enough to discover what a meaningful life might look like, and it facilitates each person’s ability to find such a life for themselves.

Who We Are

Over the past 20 years, several hundred people in East Tennessee, ranging in age from 25 to 80, have participated in workshops given by many of our knowledgable and skilled presenters and facilitators. These workshops, which in the past were known by word of mouth only, are the starting point for the Center.

Our goal now is to provide access to these programs (and others being developed by past participants), to anyone who might be interested. We have established a new physical home for the Meaningful Life Center at 116 Carr Street in Knoxville, as well as a non-profit organization to manage its activities. We look forward to nurturing a community that will grow and develop with the purpose of nourishing the personal growth of all who participate. Our programs change throughout the year and can be found at Meaningful Life Center Programs.

Helping You to "Know Thyself"

For thousands of years, the world’s wisdom traditions have affirmed that there is more to life than the everyday things on which we spend much of our time. In ancient Greece, the quest for wisdom was exemplified by the frequent admonition of Socrates: “Know Thyself.” He went further, saying, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Two thousand years later, this current was still going strong in the Western world, with the great mathematician, physicist, inventor, and philosopher Blaise Pascal saying, “It is an extraordinary blindness to live without investigating what we are.”

Participants in the Meaningful Life Center’s programs and workshops are offered the opportunity to get to know themselves at a deeper and more profound level.

A unique assortment of books has been assembled to enhance the ideas and programs of the Center – to be loaned, free of charge to participants in the Center’s programs. A list of books in our collection can be found in our Lending Library.

What Others Are Saying...

To say that these workshops will change your life hardly does the experience justice. They are transformative in a way that is unique. You find space and perspective in the difficult questions of how to live your life

The activities of the Center help me to create an open space. I feel as if we make connections here that transcend the way I feel about my social circle. Its like our life is a box of Legos and we each get to put them together how we want. The workshops help me discover how I want to assemble the pieces of my life

We’re located at

116 Carr Street Knoxville, Tennessee

For general information about the center we can be contacted by –
Phone: 865-333-5833 or by visiting our website


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