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CHEO 2017

This month we celebrate CHEO in our Spotlight. Most of you know you can go to our website and learn all about us and our members. You already know or will learn there our CHEO values and mission which, in a nutshell, is helping you to discover your holistic well-being possibilities.

Instead of repeating all the wonderful info about CHEO you’ll find on our website and in our Directory, I thought I would offer this personal story of my own journey with CHEO.

Looking back, I think I discovered CHEO in fall of 2014 as I was preparing for some specialized training on heart resiliency. I had been busy finishing a career and moving stuff from Indiana to Tennessee for about four years, and then, all of a sudden CHEO appeared. Why had I not discovered it before? Sometimes on our journeys, we miss the “Gifts by the Side of the Road” (as John Wayne Schlatter suggests in his book by that title) because we just don’t take the time to drink in all that is around us.

I am not sure exactly how, but I think I first saw CHEO on MeetUp. I had joined some hiking forums and listed some categories of interest and CHEO popped up. I found the programs were in a reasonable driving range (for me, an hour or so) and attended one. I took some time to help put things away after a first meeting at Rarity Bay, and learned a little bit more about CHEO from a couple of the Board Members there.

There was no turning back, I was hooked. I located a CHEO Directory and was overjoyed to find all these new holistic health possibilities and opportunities. I had been looking for new places of body, mind and soul nourishing after moving to Tennessee and I was astounded to learn of the richness of these nourishing sources right in my own backyard. Astonishing! – did I land here (after many years in Indiana) by accident, or did I just luck out? Or…was I somehow guided?

So I joined CHEO in early 2015 and became a regular at the programs, attending all that I could while traveling between Indiana and Tennessee. And then I volunteered to help out on the board, and learned so much more about all the practitioners, members, sponsors, and healing modalities by being more deeply immersed in the CHEO experience.

So what do I think CHEO is? A treasure chest of emerging ideas, learning and sharing of holistic wellness. I have met so many, so very many, wonderful people who care about each Other, our Planet, our Humanity. People who are open to new ideas and practices of well-being; who are willing to help explore wellness possibilities even if it is outside of their own experience, practices or education. Many have become close friends and partners on the well-being Journey.

It is really hard for me to put into words the wonder and appreciation I feel for the Well-Being Community CHEO is. Few days go by when I don’t discover new ideas, beautiful caring people, fresh opportunities to learn and practice, and emerging possibilities to seek out and discover.

Thank you CHEO of Greater Knoxville, all the wonderful Souls who are a part of you, and all the wisdom and healing they bless upon me. The treasure you are continues to replenish and add new gifts every time I dig through your chest a little deeper. I am so grateful for our CHEO Community.

So…may this brief story shed a tiny bit more light on CHEO. If it resonates with you, come join us on the wellness Journey of Being all we can Be.

Blessings for an abundant New Year of Health and Well-Being,
Barry Richmond
CHEO Member


CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area, is a non-profit educational organization whose purpose is offering education about alternative, natural and complementary health modalities. We provide member information so the public can easily access information about local alternative healthcare providers and services.

Our organization makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or suitability of any information contained therein. Information provided via the CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area website, newsletter and programs does not constitute medical advice or treatment and is not intended to replace the patient/physician relationship or a physician’s professional judgment.

CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area expressly disclaims all liability for any and all treatment, diagnosis, decisions and actions taken or not taken as result of the information provided. Information presented here is for educational purposes only.