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2017 CHEO of Greater Knoxville Board

We are grateful for the wonderful service and contributions of these four retiring CHEO Board Members:
Nancy Wart, Jim Lumpkins, Don Oakley and Kathy McMillan

Stephen Kerr
I am the 2016 CHEO of Greater Knoxville Board President. I instruct in Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Clear’s Tai Chi Chuan in Maryville. My passion is to use Tai Chi and Qi Gong to restore inner calm & youth, internal Chi flow & healing.

Diane Minch
I am a founding member of CHEO of Greater Knoxville, serving as 2009 Past President and as CHEO Program Coordinator since 2008. Volunteering for CHEO has been very rewarding and has given me the privilege of seeing CHEO reach out to many people with options for holistic wellness. Making a positive difference in peoples’ lives has always been my passion. I taught Health and Physical education in elementary and junior high school in the Chicago suburbs for 30 years. Taking graduate classes in Nutrition opened my eyes to alternative, holistic health and lifestyles. After experiencing superior results in my personal health with Sunrider regenerative whole food concentrates, I knew I had to share them. Now, twenty-eight years later, I am still excited about the health improvements they can make for people. I look forward to being an integral part of CHEO’s future growth.

Rita Richesin
I am a past Treasurer for the CHEO Board. I have been in the health care field in for several years, starting at a young age as a Medical & Radiology technologist. Later in life I pursued a nursing career graduating from Lincoln Memorial & Tennessee Tech. With a passion for learning & exploring alternative modalities for improving health I continued to study & become licensed in massage therapy. I now works part time as an RN and continues to learn and practice energy modalities, Quantum touch, Healing Touch, sound therapy, etc. I have a small practice sharing methods for improving and balancing the body through Biofeedback, Light Energy & Frequency sessions as well as essential oils and choices for healthy supplements. I believe in the mission of CHEO in promoting awareness of options to improve health and make wise choices.

Kate Flynn
I am a chiropractor, intuitive healer, and teacher and I created Activating Ascension, a philosophy for life lived, healed, and created from the heart. I have a line of self-help products, offer a 90-Days to Activate your Intuition program, and I facilitate workshops and classes for personal growth and development. I believe in the responsibility of empowering those seeking care so that they may ultimately see that true healing comes from within.

Julia Massey
I am a Certified Health Education Specialist and founded Integral Health Options. I have given holistic health seminars to corporations, universities and government employees for many years. I have also written for newspapers, magazines and authored a book, “Health is a Habit”. My passion is to educate, motivate and support individuals to create their own healthy lifestyle by teaching people about the many facets of lifestyle that affect their health.

Gail McDonald
As a CHEO supporting member, I decided to become more involved. Treasurer is a perfect fit. I presently manage the Tellico Village H&R Block office and have been a tax preparer for several years. My college Mathematics BS & Manufacturing Management MS plus General Electric Company consulting to restructure corporations certainly paved the way to help organizations such as CHEO. My husband, Bruce, and I have used many Alternative Therapies to enhance our health. What I learn, I enjoy passing along to others. And I also enjoy sharing Reiki Energy.

Joseph M. Nowell, Jr.,
Pharm. D.
I am a clinical compounding pharmacist and owner of East Tennessee Discount Drugs & The Fresh Pharmacy Compounding Lab, Gifts Unique and BeFitting You Mastectomy Boutique. My passion is integrated medicinal therapies and metabolic medication management. When a patient needs advice, I believe whether the answer is supplementation, natural products, herbs, homeopathic remedies, compounded solutions, allopathic medicines, etc., or a combination of the above, that knowledge in all areas is paramount to maximizing therapeutic outcomes. Having an open mind to what the patient and their provider prefer and encouraging synergistic application of multiple therapies can accelerate healing and make the patient’s life better. I have extensive training in Anti-Aging Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary Compounding and Pain Management, and certifications in Homeopathy, Immunization, Durable Medical Device Fitting and Medication Therapy Management.

Nancy Ostendorf
I retired earlier this year from a management position at Alcoa after 30+ years. She graduated from Penn State University with a BS degree in Business Logistics. I began exploring the holistic health arena in the late 90’s. My initial focus was with nutritional health and later I expanded out to all areas in the holistic arena. I also received training in Reiki, and was attuned to Reiki Level 1 & 2, and am also certified in the AromaTouch Technique by DoTerra essential oils.

Jen Rodgers
I started practicing Bikram Yoga in February 2010 and became instantly drawn to the healing benefits of yoga. Six months later I became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor and I’m currently the only certified Bikram instructor in Knoxville. I’ve also spent 15 years of my career as an accountant working as a controller and currently work as the Director of Finance & Sales.

Beth Santella
I am a retired RN, massage therapist since 2009 and Foot Reflexology. I am certified in myofacial release, Swedish deep tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, And Reiki.

Sue Wickstrom
My passion comes from making a positive impact on others and the world around us. I’ve always pursued a more natural approach to health & wellness but about 5 years ago a whole new world opened up. I came into the organic “movement” from the skincare side after being introduced to a British brand called Neal’s Yard Remedies. Thus began my journey to discover the level of toxic exposures in personal care & beauty products, their impact on our health, and the lack of regulations in the US to even keep us safe, let alone healthy! Today, I lead a team of difference makers who are teaching & empowering others to live healthier through the power of nature, and care for our environment in the process.

Rosemary Koziara
I am very involved in CHEO and served as the 2014 CHEO President. I am a Registered Nurse and also combine Reiki, Healing Touch and other Energy modalities for a natural approach to Health.

Paula Perkins
I am the 2016 Secretary for the CHEO Board and offer Colonic wellness to help the body detoxify. Colonics have a positive effect on the skin as well. I also offer the Emotion Code technique, an easy method to find and release emotional baggage. Releasing trapped emotions and heart-walls often result in the disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Another skill I have is muscle testing. I am able to test for lots of health related things like bacteria, viruses, parasites, candida, kinds and dosages of herbs or other supplements, etc. This is something I love to do and it has amazing results.h & Wellness.

Barry Richmond
I share personal, team and organizational resiliency for personal & professional effectiveness. Using personality discernment tools, I help enhance interpersonal understanding for improved communication, leadership & team building. Upon discovering CHEO a couple of years ago, and joining the CHEO board in 2016, I found a remarkable treasury of holistic wellness practices and practitioners to coach and mentor me along my journey into well-being. For me, CHEO has become wonderful community of enduring friendships and well-being wisdom.

Sam Travis
I admire what CHEO represents and the community it engulfs – I hope to do whatever I can to benefit its cause. We have the ability to make personal choices as to how we treat/heal our bodies. We can choose what we eat. We have a CHOICE of what methods to take to heal our bodies. We don’t have to wait for the system to change; the change starts with you and me. We can spark change just by talking to others about holistic wellness. Write a blog, post online and on social media about it. Attend events that are holistic oriented (like CHEO). Start petitions to send to your representatives about changes you would like to see in the medical industry. We have a voice and we have to stand together to let that voice be heard.


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