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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dee Matchett. Osteoporosis runs four generations deep on the paternal side of my family. Both my great grandparents and my grandmother died from complications due to osteoporosis. Despite my prevention regimen of bone healthy foods, recommended supplements, weight lifting and high impact exercise, I too was diagnosed as high risk for fracture. Although my prevention regimen had delayed the onset and slowed progression of the disease, genetics were getting the upper hand.

In June of 2015, my Dad also died after suffering with osteoporosis. I began searching for a natural way to increase bone density. I was also looking for a place to invest inheritance money from my Dad. Little did I know that I would find something superlative for meeting both those needs: OsteoStrong®!

OsteoStrong® is a safe, natural, proven way to increase bone density without the potentially harmful effects of medication. But to my great disappointment, there was not a facility near Knoxville. Bingo! What a great way to honor my Dad with my inheritance and be a blessing to the Knoxville area community by opening an OsteoStrong® location.

So the journey began. Along the way, I also trained as a peer educator for American Bone Health which is the non-profit educational arm of the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education (FORE) promoting osteoporosis awareness. I also certified as a osteogenic technician to guide people through the process of axial loading that is necessary to build bone density and increase myofibrils using the patented Spectrum equipment designed by Dr. John Jaquish.

I am happy to be able to offer the greater Knoxville community an avenue for maintaining quality of life, increasing bone density and improving sports performance. The OsteoStrong® System represents a scientific breakthrough in physical conditioning. It’s not a drug, not a diet and not a gym. OsteoStrong® is a muscular-skeletal strengthening and rehabilitation system appropriate for all ages and conditioning levels. Increased muscle density (effectively lowering A1C for Type 2 Diabetes), improved balance (effectively reducing the risk of falling), postural control (effectively reducing activity related injuries) , and stronger bones (effectively reversing osteoporosis) are just some of the benefits of the OsteoStrong® System.

A proprietary protocol combining two non-invasive technologies: the patented OsteoStrong® Spectrum 2 System and VIBEPLATE®, are designed to improve your bone density, muscle strength, balance, coordination, and stability regardless of your age or conditioning level.

OsteoStrong® uses a biomechanically efficient system that improves strength and bone mineral density (BMD) through maximum intensity, short duration neuro-musculoskeletal stimulation (NMS). The system consists of four simple yet comprehensive isometric resistance movements. The user creates a maximum isometric load that triggers the body’s natural adaptive response to build bone and create new myofibrils. Comparable loading of the bone through traditional techniques would damage the joints. However, the OsteoStrong® system safely produces superior results without harm.

The equipment precisely measures, tabulates and records user force output via a patented load cell/software interface. All physical efforts are recorded, compared and contrasted over time. Each user receives a Performance Report at the conclusion of each session.

I am available for educational presentations on bone health, fall prevention and the benefits of osteogenic loading. I can offer free Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) of the calcaneus bone structure: T-score, Z-score and Stiffness Index (indicator of fracture risk) to attendees and Free Balance & Posture Testing, which are indicators of someone’s risk of falling. These same tests are done as part of an initial evaluation and repeated quarterly at no additional cost, so that individual progress can be assessed.

Good Bone Health To You!

OsteoStrong® Farragut, Owner American Bone Health, Peer Educator


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